17, 2009

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DIFFA’s Dining by Design 2009 – Part III

This is the last part of the DIFFA’s Dining by Design series that we wanted to post. It’s incredibly amazing and inspiring. Sponsored by the New York Times and Supima Cotton and designed bySHoP Architects, this table was inspired by a group of cotton balls.

Here are the inspiration and the materials used:

Here are some images from the process and the results.

DIFFA_dining_by_design_SHOP_ architects

DIFFA_dining_by_design_SHOP_ architects3

DIFFA_dining_by_design_SHOP_ architects4


DIFFA_dining_by_design_SHOP_ architects8

I would love to dine in this space.

DIFFA_dining_by_design_SHOP_ architects7

DIFFA_dining_by_design_SHOP_ architects25

DIFFA_dining_by_design_SHOP_ architects5

DIFFA_dining_by_design_SHOP_ architects28
You can go to designalyze for more images and details of how it was made and markamav for awesome pictures.

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Apr 09, 2009

DIFFA’s Dining by Design 2009 – Part II

David Stark is our hero! He’s such an innovative, creative genius. His paint by numbers table atDIFFA‘s Dining by Design, brings back many fond memories of endless summers when I was wee little.

I love it when designers takes something old and forgotten and makes it fresh again. Below you can see here he took Benjamin Moore’s paint cans and created lampshades.

DIFFA-Dining-by-design-david stark 1



{ images from designpublic and emily gilbert }

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Apr 08, 2009

DIFFA’s Dining by Design 2009 – Part I

Every year, DIFFA, Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS, has a fundraising five day event where they gather artists and interior, event, and fashion designers from all over to create amazing, innovative dining installations. In addition to the awesome tables, the guests are feasting on delectable food and wine. Not only is it to showcase the amazing talents behind each table and the wonderful food, but all the proceeds from the events benefit DIFFA’s AIDS awareness, prevention and treatment programs.

Here are some of my favorites.

Faune Yerby’s setting was reminiscent of a New York rooftop, with images of water towers on plates, screen panels, and tags hanging over the table and from centerpieces.

DIFFA dining by design1_FAUNE YERBY

Michael Tavano designed a graffiti-inspired room for the New York Design Center, with art by Christian Avila and a contrasting formal dinner setting. The theme is “Fine Dining, Urban Living.”

DIFFA_dining_by_design_Michael Tavano

DIFFA_dining_by_design_Michael Tavano 2

Interesting and really creative use of light using buckets and umbrellas. If you know who they are designed by please let us know.


** UPDATE ** The incredible umbrella lights were designed by Shelly Sabel. Beautiful! If you were dining at this table and looked up, they look like flowers. Go to her site to see some more of her latest lighting designs, sculptures and installations.


A chic and sophisticated table by Eric Warner.


This is beautiful table designed by the Fashion Institute of Technology with their mentor David Beahm. An interactive and elegant red and white table that invited guests to write “wishes”. I love the place mats, a great way to start conversation.


DIFFA_dining-by-design - FIT- david beahm2

DIFFA_dining-by-design - FIT- david beahm

Come back later for two more posts of some pretty amazing tables!

Apr 06, 2009

Design Love: Mix Tape Letterpress Wedding Invitations

When I saw these I nearly fell over! I adore everything about them. From the colors, the type, the layout, the illustration of the tape, the concept, oh and the details! I could eat this invite up. Oh pretty design would you be mine.






{ designed by Adam Ramreth at Lark, printed by Studio on Fire }


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Apr 03, 2009

Simple and Bold Wedding Invites

Who says you have to use script in a wedding invite. Jamey Erickson didn’t think so. He turned to sans serif to design his invite and they are just as beautiful.

Studio on fire_wedding invitation

Studio on fire_wedding invitation2

And look how he carried it through is wedding program as well. I love it when someone dares to do things a little differently.

Studio on fire_wedding invitation_program2

Studio on fire_wedding invitation_program
[printed and images by Studio On Fire]

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